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How can you help me show roads on the model?

A. For hand-made models:

If the scale is larger than 1" = 100', we can delineate the roads by "depressing" them.  Take a close  look at our road option illustration below (the second version takes more time to load better detail).  If you'd like to show roads this way, you don't have to worry about whether the contour drawing shows the proper "curb jogs," just specify the increment by which you want the road lowered and we'll do the rest.  For example, on a gently sloped  model which at 1" = 50', we might cut contours at 1' intervals (.020") and depress the road by the same amount.  On a model which is 1" = 20', for example, we might cut steps at 1' interval (.050") and depress the road by 6" (.025").  This can be quite helpful, no matter whether you like one-color models, or you want to use the surface information to ease the hand painting or the masking of a road pattern.  [Another option, especially for scales smaller than 1" = 20', is to have us simplify the contour pattern so that there are no "curb jogs" - with contours just crossing paved areas which are to be shown with paint color.]

wpeC2.jpg (39241 bytes)     wpeC.jpg (144290 bytes)
39k bytes            @  144k bytes

44" x 77"  @ scale of 1:1000 
typical contour step: 1m (=1mm on model)
road "depression:" 0.5m (=0.5mm on model)

B. For computer-made models:    

                                                                                         painted road option

We can provide even more detail if we use our CNC router -  by "lowering" areas such as roads, and/or by "engraving" lines, such as property lines and path layouts.  For adding detailed information, we use very fine cutting tools - most commonly .016" diameter tool.

Our new 2010 painting option, illustrated above, is accomplished by careful coordination of painting and cutting.  First, we "finishcut" designated areas with the CNC router.  Then, we paint the model with any specified color.  After painting, we finishcut the remainder of the model so as to remove excess paint and foam, down to the final surface.  Upon completion of this step, we can add a light coat of another color or ship the model off to you.  If you work with us on color selection, we can extend this method to even include another color for another feature - perhaps paths.    

This new option can be used in various ways, depending on your project and your color preferences.  For instance the paths could be one shade of gray, the roads could be a darkened shade and the landscape could have a greenish tint added.  In the sample shown above, an alternative for the right hand side would be to outline the paths and then just barely "depress" them with a 1/32" diameter cutting tool so as to reveal the natural gray color of the foam.




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