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airplane forms cut by cnc router  plane with internal steel frame cut by CNC router 3D shapes cut by CNC router  predator cut by cnc router
Advanced Architectural Solutions, Ft. Myers, FL

site_architectural-model- landscape 18.jpg (59739 bytes)  Architectural-model-DePace1.jpg (61010 bytes)  landscape architectural-model-22.jpg (61697 bytes)   architectural landscape contour model.jpg (105054 bytes)  architectural-model- contour landscape site.jpg (111862 bytes)        
Anthony DePace Architectural & Engineering Models of Boston, MA

landscape architectural site contour.jpg (90651 bytes)    landscape architectural foam site model.jpg (166936 bytes)    site landscape architectural model.jpg (126166 bytes)    architectural landscape site model.jpg (81849 bytes)
Architectural Illusions of Boston, MA

museum-landform-exhibit-model.jpg (61171 bytes)   contour-architectural-site-model-2.jpg (51072 bytes)   topographic-site-model-.jpg (53933 bytes)   architectural-site-model-7a.jpg (88898 bytes)   contour-architectural-site-model-5.jpg (135235 bytes) 
GPI Models, Inc. - of Boston, MA    

landscape contoured-architectural-site-model.jpg (28921 bytes)   architectural foam contour site model.jpg (181639 bytes)   museum exhibit terrain model.jpg (373158 bytes)    contour landscape models.jpg (904541 bytes) machu pichu topographic model.jpg (455142 bytes) 
Joseph Hutchins & Co. Inc. of  New York, NY

Jobe7.JPG (577580 bytes)
Kennedy Fabrications of New York, NY

architectural-landform-model-6.jpg (99410 bytes)    aspen2a.jpg (49806 bytes)    lenon aspen 2-28-2.jpg (46421 bytes)
Lenon Models, Inc. of   New York, NY

contoured architectural site model ss.jpg (121776 bytes)   training model fc.jpg (139662 bytes)   contoured archtectural site model.jpg (299192 bytes)   architectural model builder in action
Model Builders Inc. of Chicago, IL


Edward O'Quinn Architectural Scale Models of  Wrightsville Beach, NC

topographic contoured site model 6e.jpg (299916 bytes)    topographic contoured site model 6c.jpg (541893 bytes)    architectural site model 6a.jpg (162533 bytes)    topographic site model 6d.jpg (499631 bytes)
Richard Carroll Models of Boston, MA

ski area hotel  landscape site model  site model   foam site model   landscape model

Ryerson Studios of Kingston, NY

terrain model i.jpg (37341 bytes)    architectural site model m.jpg (82879 bytes)    contoured architectural site model f.jpg (57745 bytes)    contour archtectural site model e.jpg (61021 bytes)
Scott's Architectural Models, of Adelphi, MD


Sonos Models, Inc. of Huntington Beach CA

     architectural-site-model-9.jpg (39850 bytes)    SANYcal.jpg (54300 bytes)   architectural-site-model-11.jpg (41409 bytes)  
Studio Associates New York, Inc


  Zoyes East, Inc., Detroit, MI

What do all these architectural models share in common?

They're all based on site models provided by Landfoam.   Please also note that these photos are only a small sample of the work of these firms.  Contact them directly to find out more about their full range of architectural model capabilities.

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By the way  -  we have no commitment with any of these companies, and receive no commission for any referral.  We try to keep all clients  satisfied with our site models and hope to continue providing foam sites whenever appropriate.   Although a number of our good clients prefer to keep our service a secret, we will try to keep expanding this resource.




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Topo - our six-toed shopcat, in his younger days

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