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6155 South Oak Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638 

773 586 6500

        contoured archtectural site model.jpg (299192 bytes)            

training model fc2.jpg (241653 bytes)    training model fc.jpg (139662 bytes)
6 mile by 6 mile sectional terrain model with features exaggerated  

     train locomotive model.jpg (268908 bytes)          train model locomotive.jpg (268291 bytes) 

contoured architectural site model ss.jpg (121776 bytes)     architectural site model u.jpg (51404 bytes)    architectural terrain model ss.jpg (81372 bytes)

engineering model - pump.jpg (359836 bytes)       engineering model - truck.jpg (500153 bytes)      

 architectural site model s.jpg (120852 bytes)    temple exhibit model detail .jpg (157226 bytes)      

Mvc-003f.jpg (281015 bytes)     Mvc-001f.jpg (265877 bytes)     

architectural_site_model_t.jpg (125449 bytes)    architectural site model tt.jpg (102513 bytes)




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