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will cut your landscape model or complex 3D shape according to your data

Thermwood CNC cutting stepped landscape model  detail of "engraving/scoring"  foam urban massing model being cut   contoured landscape CNC router model maker
Model Detail  B.jpg (336969 bytes)  Landfoam.jpg (931305 bytes)  stepped site model.jpg (406696 bytes)  terrain model of Mt. Washington, NH

        contoured site terrain model.jpg (39241 bytes)   special detail painting options     physical terrain contour foam site model -4.jpg (12055 bytes)   

 Specialists in topographic site models for over thirty years,
now producing all sorts of 3D shapes from various computerized data formats

Fabricating on three large machines - whichever is most suitable to your project.

We have added the option of painting highly detailed areas a color of your choice,
using a CNC router to cut away unwanted paint - as shown in the sample with colored roads above.
The model can utilize a handsome foam color, such as gray, brown or tan but
the model can also be oversprayed with an overall tint, as you prefer.

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